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Boho Flowers

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Introducing the Vagabonde Tea Set: A timeless fusion of elegance and wanderlust. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, this tea set embodies a spirit of adventure while retaining classic sophistication. From its delicate porcelain cups to the charmingly eclectic teapot, each piece tells a story of exploration and discovery. Elevate your tea ritual to new heights with the Vagabonde Tea Set – where every sip is a journey.

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Shop the EID Collection

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New Arrival

Discover the new additional to the Corkcicle family.

Garden Joy

Explore Garden Joy, a delightful tableware collection featuring a whimsical pink flowery design. Elevate your dining experience with our charming pieces, bringing a touch of nature's beauty to your table."

Art Around the World

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Garden Dreams


Organica Green

Explore Organica Green's tableware collection—where form meets function in uniquely shaped designs. Elevate your dining experience with our distinctive plates and bowls, crafted for those who appreciate the artistry of both nature and table aesthetics. Embrace the extraordinary with Organica Green.

Dubai Collection

"Explore the elegance of Dubai Glassware Collection: where exquisite craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Discover an array of sleek and sophisticated glassware pieces, perfect for elevating any dining or entertaining experience."