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Immerse yourself into the world of Acque di Italia, inspired by moments of calm and ancient rituals of rejuvenation. Explore a tranquil escape where water soothes the body and mind, taken from the heart of Italy as a celebration of artisanal wellbeing.


A harmony of citrusy mandarin tones is caressed by marine notes that lull the senses. A heart of orange blossom and rose lightly caresses the skin, giving way to resinous undertones.

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A triumph of sparkling grapefruit notes that blend with the splendour of rose and crispiness of apple, getting lost in a final embrace of amber and vetiver.



A provocative elixir that takes you to a forbidden world where the juicy flavour of black cherry mingles with rose petals and vanilla pods in a warm, sensual embrace.



A bouquet of fresh bergamot and mint notes combined with aromatic notes of sage and ginger. An exhilarating embrace which settles into noble and mysterious woody notes.



A mystical essence where cloves meet the richness of orange blossom with delectable notes of chestnut and pepper. A combination of juniper and coffee rest on delightful notes of labdanum, benzoin and guaiac wood.

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